Ang Tulay to the Nations

Ang Tulay means "The Bridge" in Filipino. This program is for children of all ages who are grieving a death, separation or any other painful transition in their family. It provides support and healing for the entire family. The book is designed as a training guide and workbook that provides practical tools for people working with children at risk.

The Ang Tulay program was developed by Precious Jewels Ministry from the shared experience of its ministry with Filipino children and their families; children living in difficult situations due to AIDS, violence and substance abuse who have faced rejection, exploitation and alienation, for the purpose of counselling these children and their families. The ten-session process of "walking on the bridge" with others provides healing and the assurance that they are not alone.

Ang Tulay is the journey of hope. It is our prayer that all those who use this book will be inspired to walk with others - not only with children, but the whole family. "Sabay tayo" - Together, side by side.

The development of Ang Tulay is supported both financially and in principle by the Philippine Department of Social Services and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). The Ang Tulay training manual and workbook is printed in both Filipino and English.

The Ang Tulay book is a Training Guide and Workbook for people who are preparing to be Small Group Leaders with Ang Tulay. Precious Jewels Ministry holds training sessions in coordination with organizations working with children at risk. For more information please contact Precious Jewels at


Grace Gabatanga is the coordinator the the Ang Tulay program. Her love for sick and vulnerable children has grown over 18 years of caregiving and discipleship both in the community and the hospital.

Charity Abellano is a social worker who served with Precious Jewels Ministry for 13 years. She has been a pioneer in developing care and support programs for children living with HIV/AIDS in the Philippines.

Joyce Labrador is an administrative assistant with a shepherd's heart. She served as a pastor with the Free Methodist Church and has provided pastoral care for Precious Jewels Ministry staff as well as children and families since 1997.

Lorraine Anderson is a founding director of Precious Jewels Ministry, serving in children's ministry in the Philippines since 1984. She provides vision and leadership in developing innovative programs for children and families.