Extended Childhood Care Center

Precious Jewels Ministry recognizes the need of children to receive ongoing stimulation, nurture and protection while they or their parents are in hospital and has developed an innovative model of care that minimizes the disruption of the family during times of crisis and illness. It seeks to serve as a.bridge between the hospital and the community in addressing the non-medical and health related needs of the children.

The Extended Childhood Care Centre (ECCC) which is situated in Manila on the site of San Lazaro Hospital, the national hospital for infectious diseases, was developed by Precious Jewels Ministry in cooperation with the Philippine Department of Health and the World Health Organization. It opened on August 16, 2001 and began admitting children in January 2002


  • Child care for infants and toddlers including nutritious meals and medical treatment
  • Developmental activities including story-telling, arts and crafts
  • Ward tutorials for children confined in the hospital
  • Parents' classes for parents and guardians
  • Family Days for children experiencing loss and grief dues to illness and/or death
  • Palliative/Hospice Care in the AIDS and TB wards
  • Respite Care Home for vulnerable children, who are affected by HIV, AIDS and TB, needing care and nurture
  • Care-in-crisis drop-in for medical emergencies
  • Home visitations for assessments, treatments and referrals for TB, and HIV/AIDS
  • Support services for families including referral