Our Work

PRECIOUS JEWELS MINISTRY is a non-profit, non-governmental charitable organization which is registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission in the Philippines and works in cooperation with the Department of Social Welfare & Development and Department of Health in the Philippines.

It receives financial support and in-kind donations and supplies from individuals, churches and civic organizations.  It equips people to serve as missionaries and encourages them to raise their own financial support.

It provides opportunities for volunteers to help out in child care, Ang Tulay activities, summer camps and administrative support.  In partnership with UNICEF and the United Nations Theme Group on HIV and AIDS, Precious Jewels Ministry develops innovative strategies in linking health services to childcare and child protection issues.


Our Programs and Services

Community Outreach
The impact of AIDS, tuberculosis and other life threatening illnesses on children is devastating.  Precious Jewels Ministry is helping to identify actions that need to be taken in developing policies and programs which support and protect the rights of children living in families affected by HIV/AIDS and other chronic and/or terminal illnesses.
Extended Childhood Care Center
Precious Jewels Ministry recognizes the need of children to receive ongoing stimulation, nurture and protection while they or their parents are in hospital and has developed an innovative model of care that minimizes the disruption of the family during times of crisis and illness.
Ang Tulay to the Nations
Ang Tulay means "The Bridge" in Filipino. This program is for children of all ages who are grieving a death, separation or any other painful transition in their family. It provides support and healing for the entire family.
Emergency Nutritional Assistance
Following the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, PJM set up emergency feeding centres in the largest evacuation site. This service expanded into the relocation sites upon the request of local leaders and is run by trained community volunteers. Emergency feeding centres are also set up as needed in Tondo in response  to calamities and coordinated with the local government units.
Crossing borders
In March 2004, Precious Jewels Ministry began extending its borders by initiating a partnership with three government hospitals specializing in infectious diseases.  The Crossing Borders project integrates the treatment and monitoring of children, training of family members and health care workers and networking with local community resources. PJM provides ongoing leadership as the lead agency and project manager.