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Rwanda Prayer Update September 5, 2011

It is daybreak and the sun is a fireball over Kigali! The morning begins much earlier at 4:20 AM with a song from a little bird who sits on a banana leaf outside our window. A beautiful announcement to awaken us and welcome the dawn!

We have had a wonderful week! Kathryn and Doris worked with the preschool teachers who attended the Ang Tulay sessions. They were privileged to observe their classes in the mornings and then workshop with them every afternoon, covering music and children, classroom management and peer learning. They encouraged them in their creative gifts through hands on application with one another. There was much laughter throughout the week! The school is called ‘Arise and Shine’ and we pray that truly we will see this younger generation arise and shine in this time of reconciliation and nation rebuilding.

Shiomar, Eve, Lovisa and I went out two by two with the leaders of APRICOM, the YWAM ministry working with families living with HIV and AIDS and widows from the genocide. We walked far and commuted by local transportation and motorcycles to visit families in their homes; their stories of the genocide and struggles to raise children and grandchildren penetrated our hearts deeply. Each of them shared of God’s love and faithfulness in the midst of darkness. We are praying with the staff on how to integrate Ang Tulay into their overall program.

Many of you are asking “HOW ARE YOU?? We are all very healthy and grateful for the unity God has given us regardless of age and cultural differences! We are well fed with mostly beans, rice, vegetables and potatoes! The diet has been a little challenging for me, so I am grateful for the cook who boils spinach, potato and carrot for my lunch and supper. Generally, our days are long as we gather by 8:00 AM and end by 8:30 PM with a time of reflection, sharing and worship as a team. Saturdays have become laundry day, as everything takes time when you are washing by hand! Sundays we have attended different churches from Anglican to Pentecostal to Free Methodist; the services usually last 4 hours! Today, Eve is preaching at the Free Methodist Cathedral. We are building some beautiful friendships with young men and women from Rwanda, Congo, Burundi and Uganda.

Please pray for the Ang Tulay Part 1 session from September 12-16th which will include pastors, community workers, child care workers and other leaders.

Please also pray for the team who will be joining us from Uganda. They have a long 15 hour bus ride next Friday and then we prepare the next day.

We are praying and planning for 5 of our team members from Uganda to join us, a challenge for each of them as they have large families and many responsibilities. BUT, they are committed to the laying a solid foundation for Ang Tulay in Rwanda, praise God! We so value and need your prayers as we recognize the weariness that sets in after each day of listening and sharing. In our weakness and helplessness, God is able!

With love and joy,
Lorrie for the Ang Tulay team in Rwanda
Shiomar, Eve, Doris, Kathryn and Lovisa