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Rwanda Prayer Update September 26, 2011

We have been here in Rwanda for 7 weeks! In many ways it feels much longer as each day is rich and full! The weather is changing with temperatures going down to 15C at night. Early morning fog and afternoon rains are now common. Yes, the fireball in the sky is muted with the cooler climate. Rwanda is called the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’; a small but very beautiful nation with precious people. I am grateful to Lynn Cramm who arrived from Manila on Sept 13th to join the team AND with a few warmer clothes for me, special food treats for all of us and cards from our team and children.

The second Ang Tulay Part 1 on September 12-16th went very well. We had 29 participants, key leaders from local churches and organizations caring for vulnerable and orphaned children. Many of these men and women grew up as ‘refugees’ in the neighboring countries of Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and Congo and returned to their war-ravaged country soon after genocide. Others are survivors of genocide, having lost most if not all of their family members. It was a privilege to walk with them during Ang Tulay; they are the rebuilders of this nation, people of passion with a mighty vision for Rwanda. As one woman said “It is too bad we didn’t have this Ang Tulay after genocide! We didn’t know how to help the children as we were hurting too much ourselves. Now we have this… we are ready. When can we start??

We are grateful for the six team members from Uganda who joined us in leading the week of Ang Tulay. We are so thankful for the gifts given toward their bus fares and accommodation needs. They left family and ministries, travelling 15 hours by bus over rough roads. Dorothy, their team leader, had her bag stolen at the bus stop in Kigali. She arrived with only the clothes on her back, her passport, eyeglasses and cell phone. Everything else was gone, including her Ang Tulay notes for leading a small group. She was devastated! Within an hour, people from many nations at the YWAM base gathered clothes, personal items and enough cash for her to buy other personal effects. It was such a powerful picture of the body of Christ reaching out to another, quickly, generously and with joy! Thank you Lord!

Our Uganda team left on September 19th after we had completed our peer assessments and evaluation, an important part of the learning journey as we prepare for the next phase of Ang Tulay both in Rwanda and Uganda. Over the next two weeks, we are meeting with the local churches and organizations who participated in both Ang Tulay sessions. We will listen to their plans for integrating Ang Tulay into their existing programmes and together plan for the timing and approach for the next phase of training.

Kathryn Armstrong flew back to Canada via Hong Kong, missing Lynn by just 12 hours! Doris Maddaford left a week later and will be waiting for us with her husband Berk when we arrive back in Manila on Nov. 16th. Lynn will be staying with us until Oct. 8th; she will fly back to Manila for 10 days while we travel by bus back to Uganda. Imagine, her flight is shorter than our bus trip! I marvel at how well we have lived and worked together considering our cultural and age differences. God has heard our heart cry for unity.

We so value and need your prayers during these last two weeks in Rwanda; homesickness and weariness are natural at this point of our stay in Africa. In our weakness and helplessness, God is able!

With love and joy,
Lorrie for the Ang Tulay team in Rwanda
Shiomar, Eve, and Lyn