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Rwanda Prayer Update August 25, 2011

We are so thankful for the safe travel to Kigali on August 8th. We really appreciate your prayers for our journey.  The bus was delayed 3 hours from Nairobi and fully booked even though we had reservations. We were jammed in on top of others while Shiomar stood all the way to Kampala, a 2 ½ hour ride! Thankfully, in Kampala, we all had seats and traveled through the dark, trying to sleep!  We were relieved to arrive at the border crossing at 5:00AM thinking we would be in Kigali by 7:00AM to enjoy breakfast and a bed! That’s when the journey began!

I handed the inspector my passport with the confirmation code of the online entry visa with Shiomar and Eve. Anthony had already been cleared as he is a Ugandan citizen and does not need a visa.
We were shocked to be told these were not visas and therefore could not enter Rwanda! We began to pray. Our luggage was unloaded from the bus while Anthony was told to get back on the bus. Our dear brother refused, saying, “We are together?.  I then had to walk back across the border with Anthony and travel an hour to the nearest town to reapply on line for a visa while Shiomar and Eve stayed with our bags, praying without ceasing!  It is a long story, but the miracle is that 7 hours later we were granted visas and allowed to enter the country. I wept when we stepped on Rwandan soil! We have come home!

Our Ugandan team joined us two days later without any glitches thank the Lord, to complete our preparations for the Ang Tulay sessions. We visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial, a graphic reminder of the painful past and the responsibility before us as in walking with adults who survived or returned to help rebuild their nation. On August 15th we began the first day of Ang Tulay with 32 teachers, community leaders and church workers as well as 8 little ones, children of some of the participants.

It was a wonderful week full of tears and hugs and laughter as people shared their stories of loss and pain.  We could not have done this week without a blanket of prayer and assurance of God’s presence in the midst of darkness! Each of us treasures the deep trust these men and women placed on us as they shared their lives and memories of their past. Truly, a privilege which comes with great responsibility.

We have been invited to hold another Ang Tulay Part 1 session from September 12-16th for those who were unable to attend. The participants are so eager for everyone to experience Ang Tulay!
PLEASE PRAY WITH US as we will only have four of us here by then (Lorrie, Shiomar, Eve and Doris) as Kathryn leaves Sept. 12. Lovisa from Uganda has remained with us, what a precious gift from God.  We are grateful that Lynn Cramm will arrive Sept. 13 from Manila. We are praying and planning for 6 of our team members from Uganda to join us, a challenge for each of them as they have large families and many responsibilities. BUT, they are committed to the laying a solid foundation for Ang Tulay in Rwanda, praise God!

I will close now with a grateful heart for your prayers and love.  Truly, God is able to do infinitely MORE than we can ask or even imagine IN Christ Jesus.

With love and joy,
Lorrie for the Ang Tulay team in Rwanda with Shiomar, Eve, Doris and Kathryn