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Long journey from Manila to Jinja

We have arrived in Africa!  It was quite a surprise to be greeted with “Happy Canada Day? by some of our Ugandan friends! Yes, it a delightful to see how God gathers us together from so many nations and cultures; perhaps a foretaste of heaven!

Thank you for praying for our long journey from Manila to Jinja – the 30 hours were easy and uneventful!  What a joy to be welcomed home with open arms by our Uganda Ang Tulay family; so many stories to share as we laugh and cry together.  This past year has not been easy as each of them has struggled with multiple tragedies and losses as well financial constraints and yet… they are filled with joy and stand firm in their unwavering HOPE in Christ Jesus.

It seems we are “pilgrims? with no permanent place, in this season of Ang Tulay.  We lived in Jinja for the first 5 days at the YWAM ToRCH base and National Office.  Then we transferred to the Discovery Center, a student recreational center in Wairaka, a village 40 minutes from Jinja. We enjoyed 4 days there with their young staff team and then we moved to Hopeland Base, into our little 2 bedroom duplex unit where we stayed last year. We have are so happy to reunite with our dear neighbor family from Tanzania and Kenya and their newest family members, Rose the mother goat and her two active babies, Emily and Michelle! After 4 days we are on the move again! Today we travel by bus for 15 hours to Arua in Northern Uganda where we will stay for 4 days and then return to Hopeland. 

In all this movement, we are grateful for beds with mosquito nets, bathrooms with running water and yes, electricity!  We have not had a power cut – yet!  So, truly our cup is running over and we are thankful for God’s goodness and care for us.

Over the last 12 days, we have met with the Ang Tulay team, a committed group of men and women who travel 2-15 hours to meet together!  We have shared together our experiences and learning with vulnerable children in Ang Tulay along with adults from Uganda, Congo and southern Sudan.  We completed the assessments and are now finalizing plans for training the 7 team members who will become Ang Tulay facilitators.

Please continue to pray for our safe travel on all these crazy rough roads; good health and no malaria; open hearts and creative minds as we work together cross-culturally.

ANG TULAY CHILDREN: Joseph and Ernest are our Ang Tulay men!  Joseph was a baby and Ernest a toddler in 2008 and they have grown up with Ang Tulay as we have returned each year.  They join us in worship and prayer with their parents Julius and Mary who are leaders at Hopeland.  When Joseph was two years old, we would greet him in the field and he would shout back “I’m fine!? Ernest is our ‘body guard’ and if he’s not with his parents, he is with the Ang Tulay people as they call us.  He always asks for paper and crayons and our place is filled with his artwork; Joseph likes to tidy up our chairs!  The entire family have now participated in the Ang Tulay sessions – older siblings Mark, Peace as well as parents.  Truly, they are an ‘Ang Tulay family’ transformed by God’s love – walking together and loving us.  We are family.

With our love and grateful hearts,

Lorrie with Shiomar and Eve