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Hope Scarves – livelihood development   September 2012

Hope for the hopeless. Home for the homeless

In 2010, friends of Precious Jewels Ministry came back to Manila to minister again.
Before they arrived, there were already communications about the possibility of a livelihood project of knitting, among the mothers whose children are in the program of PJM at the Extended Child Care Center (ECCC) at San Lazaro Hospital. We believed this was an answer to prayers of the families who were struggling to survive.

Together the team prayed for God to lead us in who should be invited to become a part of this wonderful opportunity. Mothers who are hard working, yet most of them did not have opportunities to be employed. They needed work that would allow them to stay at home to care for their children and grandchildren. In a month, they themselves were surprised at how well they learned. They were most surprised because what they thought was a time of training for them to learn to knit, they were actually paid for each scarf that they finished. In less than a year, different testimonies of God’s faithfulness were being shared amongst the women on a regular basis.

“My health condition was bad. When I learned I was sick I was hopeless. There is no cure for my illness. I knew I would die. I could not see if tomorrow would be a better day. But now, looking at the beautiful scarves my hands have made, I have new hope. I realize that God’s purpose is to give me new life – not death, but life. I love knitting not because I make money but because a new seed of hope is growing deep within me”.

“The street used to by my home. My daughter and I sold flowers in the streets. We were happy with any amount we earned, just enough to buy food and for my daughter to go to school. We couldn’t afford to rent even a small room where we could sleep at night. I began to wonder how long we could live on the streets. Until one day, I was invited to join Hope Scarves. I have not been to school so I had no idea if I could ever learn to knit, but I did! Now my daughter and I live in a small house. I earn enough to pay the monthly rent. A house that is a home for my daughter and I and where I can knit.
“Everytime we come together to submit our work, I list the amount of money I receive as payment. After 6 months, I totaled everything and I was shocked! Never in my life have I earned money like now!.

Hope Scarves is not all about making money. It is about transformation of lives – it is about Jesus giving new life.

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope”. Jeremiah 29”:11