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Ang Tulay Update

In 2009, the founding director of a large children’s ministry here in Uganda declared “You people have to return; our safari is not yet completed and we still have far to walk together with the children!?

Last week, her words rang in my head as the three of us experienced a dream come true - we went on a safari!  Well, actually ‘half a safari’ according to our host. We travelled to Arua, Northern Uganda (look on the map, near the DRC and southern Sudan borders) along with two of our Ugandan team members, Dorothy and Lovisa, to follow-up those who had participated in Ang Tulay. The trip was an experience unto itself; 3 hours crammed in a small coaster to Kampala followed by a 10 hour bus trip.  Our seats were located over the rear tires, straight-backed and narrow! Every bump and sharp corner provided opportunity to get closer to one another! We arrived at 5AM in the middle of a military check point.
We dropped our bags at the base and set out on a 2 hour ride to Murchison Falls National Park with our dear Ang Tulay friends Sharon driving her 4wheel drive and Bingi as navigator.

 What we experienced far out-weighed the loss of sleep and sore bodies. And what we learned along the way can teach us about how to walk with others in the ‘safari’ of their lives.

  1. If you want to enjoy the animals in their natural habitat, you have to be patient and wait.
  2. Roads in a safari are rough and you never know what you  might meet  around the corner.
  3. Don’t get in between a big mama elephant and her babies!
  4. Giraffes are majestic and move slowly unless startled. (Our Ugandan friend shared, ‘we Ugandans move like the giraffe!’)
  5. Keep your eyes open and looking in all directions; lions follow behind their prey.
  6. Hippos hang out in water but run very fast on land; more deaths are caused by hippos than cars.


We are still in awe by seeing these amazing creatures but we were definitely the visitors.  “Stay in the car unless I tell you it’s ok to get out.?

  1. Listen to your guide.

During our visit in Arua, we met with the men and women who are trailblazers in this part of East Africa. Their courage and perseverance deeply challenges us!  They struggle with sickness, vehicle breakdowns in the jungle, rebel threats, and loneliness. They carry a passion to share the love of Jesus in word and deed.  They are heroes of faith, broken, weak and yet overcomers!  They are longing for us to return next year to continue their training in Ang Tulay. Our journey back to Jinja seemed lighter and easier after all we had heard and seen.

The day after we returned, we held a workshop with the 7 team members who will eventually become Ang Tulay facilitators; they are preparing to join us in Rwanda in August as we lead the Part 2 and 3 of Ang Tulay with the Rwandan leaders.

Please Pray: our Rwandan visas have been approved and we leave on Wednesday July 11 – another overnight bus trip, 15 hours to Kigali.  The Arua trip was good training and preparation for each of us!

With our love and grateful hearts,

Lorrie with Shiomar and Eve