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Lola Nitz – “One grandmother’s gratitude? for back packs and school supplies (Summer 2011)
Last week we met with the parents/guardians of the children, following up since camp, asking how they are doing etc. One of our dear grandmothers, Lola Nitz particularly wanted to share what a blessing the fully loaded backpacks are for her family.

Less than two years ago, we met Lola Nitz at San Lazaro hospital. She came to the Extended Child Care Center that PJM manages. At that time her adult daughter was confined in the TB ward and at the same time, one of her grandchildren was confined in the pediatric ward. Both of them were very ill. Lola Nitz came to ask for water. While she was there, she shared her story – as well as the two very sick family members in the hospital, she also had an adult son at home with advanced TB, another sick grandchild and unsupervised grandchildren. We welcomed her to bring the grandchildren to the Extended Child Care Center during the day time, so that she would not worry about them while she took turns caring for her daughter and her grandson.

Lola agreed and the children started coming to the center. Within a few short weeks, Lola’s daughter died……then one grandchild died, and then another grandchild died……and then her son died. Such grief and pain this Lola was walking in. We journeyed with her, and of course, now her grandchildren are involved with the ongoing programs of Precious Jewels Ministry. Lola came the other day, thanking the Lord for the gift of the school supplies and back packs. She said, “its already a huge blessing to be given the school supplies, but also to be given back packs is almost too much!?

Lola Nitz’s heart is overflowing with gratitude for how God is walking with her and her family. She is also now a member of the newly formed PJM livelihood project in co ordination with HOPE International.

Children’s Day Camp
Tuklasin Natin - discovering God’s love and care for each of us.

This was a first for PJM! We coordinated with the school that our PJM children attend and invited students and neighbor children who represented so many walks of life!

The teachers of the school were trained by PJM to assist our small group leaders.

The youth leaders did a fantastic job as they presented the messages through drama, dance and music.
Children’s Festival
“Where else but here, in an infectious disease hospital and the ECCC would you gather Health Care Workers, Business people, Pastors, College students, Child Care Workers and Palliative Care Workers? Hand in hand, together, working on behalf of the children!?

We had nine booths that provided interactive opportunities for children to learn about health, nutrition and the immune system.
Ang Tulay to the Nations
We returned from Uganda in November 2009 after five months of walking and working with people from East Africa; people who have been coping with crisis after crisis for far too long. We saw lives traumatized by decades of war and violence and crushed by poverty and AIDS.

But, we also saw something else – HOPE. Strong, resilient, gutsy HOPE rising out of the ashes! God is healing lives and restoring communities.

During our last session, one of the leaders, a woman who cares for hundreds of children living with AIDS, asked us, ―When will you return? We have not yet finished walking with our children. They still have far to go on their safari!?
We returned again in June 2010 to continue the in-depth training with Ang Tulay as we extend God‘s healing touch throughout the region of East Africa.

Please join us in prayer on Thursdays as we gather together to pray for the growth of Ang Tulay in Uganda and the Philippines.
Youth Leaders (YL)
The Youth Leaders are growing as they share their lives and what they have learned with other young people; teenagers who are vulnerable and living in extremely difficult situations.

Last August, 12 of our youth leaders presented an evening of dance and drama called ―Rescued at Union Church of Manila for 150 disadvantaged and vulnerable youth. Tanya, a gifted dancer and college student worked with the YL for weeks on their presentations.

What a powerful testimony of God’s love in Jesus Christ who rescues us from darkness and into His glorious light!