Precious Jewels Ministry

Precious Jewels Ministry views every child like a jewel that is of infinite value and uniquely created in the image of God.

As a non-government organization, Precious Jewels has been caring for vulnerable children in the Philippines since 1987, beginning in Smokey Mountain, the Manila garbage dump and extending to the rural villages around Mt. Pinatubo and more recently to the national hospital for infectious diseases.
Life Touching Lives

Shiomar, love and molded by Christ
Hello I am Shiomar Elpedez! I was six years old when PJM became a part of my life. Through the Precious Jewels Kids Club on Smokey Mountain I came to know the love of Jesus. I started to attend Summer Camps while I was in elementary school and that’s when I made the decision to follow Christ.

In 2006, I was invited to be a Youth leader for the summer camps of PJM. I learned so much about leadership and the importance of treating each camper as an individual. Following that summer, I became a PJM Youth Intern and was mentored by two artists, Tita Maggie from Canada and Kuya Limboy, my former Kids Club teacher.

Two years later, I became a fulltime PJM staff. I was a child cared for loved and molded by PJM, now I am a servant ready to care for and love other children.
News & Updates

Hope Scarves – livelihood development   September 2012
In 2010, friends of Precious Jewels Ministry came back to Manila to minister again. Before they arrived, there were already communications about the possibility of a livelihood project of knitting, among the mothers whose children are in the program of PJM at the Extended Child Care Center (ECCC) at San Lazaro Hospital. We believed this was an answer to prayers of the families who were struggling to survive.
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Blessed by Volunteers for Children June 23, 2012
Recently a team from Freedom Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA hosted a “Children’s Day at the Extended Child Care Center (ECCC) of San Lazaro Hospital. The team conducted different activities such as: storytelling, arts and crafts, songs, games, skits etc. Children and adults alike had fun!
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Long journey from Manila to Jinja
We have arrived in Africa! It was quite a surprise to be greeted with “Happy Canada Day” by some of our Ugandan friends! Yes, it a delightful to see how God gathers us together from so many nations and cultures; perhaps a foretaste of heaven! full story...

Ang Tulay Update (Download Ang Tulay Leaflet)
In 2009, the founding director of a large children’s ministry here in Uganda declared “You people have to return; our safari is not yet completed and we still have far to walk together with the children!” full story...

Rwanda Prayer Update September 26, 2011
We have been here in Rwanda for 7 weeks! In many ways it feels much longer as each day is rich and full! The weather is changing with temperatures going down to 15C at night. full story...

Rwanda Prayer Update September 5, 2011
It is daybreak and the sun is a fireball over Kigali! The morning begins much earlier at 4:20 AM with a song from a little bird who sits on a banana leaf outside our window. A beautiful announcement to awaken us and welcome the dawn! full story...

Rwanda Prayer Update August 25, 2011
We are so thankful for the safe travel to Kigali on August 8th. We really appreciate your prayers for our journey. The bus was delayed 3 hours from Nairobi and fully booked even though we had reservations. We were jammed in on top of others while Shiomar stood all the way to Kampala, a 2 ½ hour ride! Thankfully, in Kampala, we all had seats and traveled through the dark, trying to sleep! We were relieved to arrive at the border crossing at 5:00AM thinking we would be in Kigali by 7:00AM to enjoy breakfast and a bed! That’s when the journey began! full Story...

One grandmother’s gratitude
Last week we met with the parents/guardians of the children, following up since camp, asking how they are doing etc.

One of our dear grandmothers, Lola Nitz particularly wanted to share what a blessing the fully loaded backpacks are for her family.

Children’s Day Camp
Tuklasin Natin - discovering God’s love and care for each of us.

This was a first for PJM! We coordinated with the school that our PJM children attend and invited students and neighbor children who represented so many walks of life!

The teachers of the school were trained by PJM to assist our small group leaders.

The youth leaders did a fantastic job as they presented the messages through drama, dance and music.
Children’s Festival
“Where else but here, in an infectious disease hospital and the ECCC would you gather Health Care Workers, Business people, Pastors, College students, Child Care Workers and Palliative Care Workers? Hand in hand, together, working on behalf of the children!”

We had nine booths that provided interactive opportunities for children to learn about health, nutrition and the immune system.